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Evan johnson Thank you for your answer. That is true there are many pharma products here on Naps no just UGL. That being said, I dont think it is best to use that as a barometer for whether or not a product is high quality or not as Clenbuterol have gotten great results from many of their UGL products. Don O Good answer and legit post RH, some of the answers we get come out of left field, thanks for keeping it informative. Unc33135 Your right, thats why i said whoever said that wasnt correct. Im not sure why people just say stuff to say it. There definitely are alot of bad responses on here. Heynow Yes I have ordered multiple times from naps. Maybe I misspoke or need to clarify. Not everything is ugl. There Clen 40mcg be some pharma grade gear.

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) About the sauna suit actually a study was done at Western colorado University and it says the studies say not actually do you loose weight but you burn fat as well and improves speed and endurance as well and actually will lower blood sugar to nickname_704 Im going to look up this study right now thats very interesting to say the least. Idk how it would improve your speed on something like a sprint but I can defanitly see it helping your endurance. Id save on the suit tho and just wear sweat pants and maybe a sweater or two and Buy real Clen get the same effect, Clen 40mcg, Ive done this and I would always sweat thru my shirt and a sweater lol shower needed to say the least Manster Im sure the amount of calories burned isnt as significant as just hitting some more cardio. But i guess if you want to burm more while doing nothing then that would be one way. Carlo Clenbuterol burn fat pills. Very interesting. I always thought it was just hype. Can you post the link to that. Im having trouble finding it and Would love to read up on it. Seems like its just trapping water so you sweat more and lose more water. Dont see how you burn calories using it Drew It sounds to me that this product helps burn The part of fat that your body struggles Digesting and help Triglycerides in your stomach which will help you lose weight. nickname_464 Great info, much appreciated. I can see how it would help but seems like an expensive option. However Im sure it does a lot more then just a sweat suit. We used to wear trash bags under our sweat suits in wrestling to help make weight.

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